Genetic programming for reverse engineering

Mark Harman
University College London, UK

Abstract: This keynote will overview the application of Search based Software Engineering (SBSE) to reverse engineering with a particular emphasis on the growing importance of recent developments in Genetic Programming (GP) and Genetic Improvement (GI) of programs for reverse engineering. The talk will present an overview of previous work on SBSE for re-modularisation, refactoring, regression testing, slicing and dependence analysis, concept assignment and feature location, bug fixing, and code migration. It will also explore the possibilities for new directions in research using GP and GI for partial evaluation, program slicing, code grafts and transplants and software product lines.

Bio: Mark Harman is professor of Software Engineering in the Department of Computer Science at University College London where he is head of Software Systems Engineering and director of the CREST centre. He is widely known for work on source code analysis and testing and was instrumental in the founding of the field of Search Based Software Engineering (SBSE), the topic of this keynote. Since its inception in 2001, SBSE has rapidly grown to include over 900 authors, from 300 institutions spread over 40 countries.

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